By Dr. Thien Yee Von (TAR UMT)

The Hi-Tea event took place on 6 November at Kanzu Academy, UTHM, providing a comfortable and inviting atmosphere conducive to networking and interactions among DEIS members.


The event agenda was designed to encourage networking and casual discussions among attendees, fostering a sense of camaraderie and collaboration within the DEIS community. 

The agenda included:

Welcome and Introduction: The event commenced with a warm welcome and brief introduction, emphasising the purpose of the gathering and encouraging engagement among members.

Networking Sessions: Structured networking sessions were organised to facilitate interactions among members. These sessions encouraged members to share experiences, insights, and thoughts on the field of dielectrics and electrical insulation.

Informal Discussions: Open discussions allowed members to converse on various topics related to their interests and experiences within the DEIS domain.

Q&A and Feedback: A Q&A session was held to address any queries or concerns from the attendees, followed by a request for feedback on the event and suggestions for future gatherings.


The Hi-Tea event was well-received, with 20 DEIS members in attendance. The diverse representation of professionals, academics, and industry experts contributed to the richness of discussions and networking opportunities.


The Hi-Tea event for DEIS members was a resounding success, offering a platform for members to engage, network, and share their expertise and experiences within the realm of dielectrics and electrical insulation. The relaxed setting facilitated meaningful interactions and laid the groundwork for potential collaborations among members.